Custom Shirt Tailoring

Tailoring Custom Shirts to Your Design and Preferences

Are you tired of wearing loose-fitting shirts? Then, you need a skilled team of tailors who can help you send a message with your look, while emphasizing your best features.
Let Gregory`s Fine Tailoring become your go-to custom shirt tailoring expert! By designing your own clothing items, you are guaranteed unique and individual apparel, perfectly fitted to your body. With our great selection of high-quality fabrics and first-class materials, your design will make you stand out in any crowd. You can rest assured that at Gregory`s Fine Tailoring we will give each and every shirt our full attention and that all your design demands will be met.

We believe that finely tailored shirts are more than just items of clothing, they’re an expression of your individuality, of who you are. Custom shirts and suits account for the fact that your right arm is a little shorter than your left, or that you’re broad around the shoulders.

We use effective equipment to simplify the sewing & alterations process so that you can design a range of premium tailored shirts and suits that are handmade to your exact specifications.

We have a plethora of different textiles to choose from, from premium fabrics for the gentleman who demands the ultimate sophistication, down to the style-conscious man who wants value for money. It’s the finer details that give your tailored shirts their signature style! We will work with you to help you look your best and get your pieces of clothing to meet all your requirements.

Our custom shirt tailoring services are sought after by an increasing number of people throughout the greater Boston, MA area. We are committed to excellence and let our clothes speak for themselves.

Is it a professional clothing repair service that you need? This is also something we are proud to help the people of Boston, MA with. Just give us a call at (617) 482-1111 and let us tell you more!