Myths About Custom-Made Clothes (and Why You Shouldn’t Believe Them)

Custom Clothing and Tailoring Service Myths

“Why don’t you get yourself a custom suit or gown?” As a tailoring service provider, we feel compelled to ask this question to most of the folks we meet. We’ve received a wide range of answers over the years, but one thing we’ve found is that many people believe in myths that prevent them from getting custom-made clothes. We’ve listed some of these myths below:

Myth #1: They’re too expensive.

Using an alterations service can be helpful if you have one or two suits that are too large or too small for you. But what if your entire wardrobe doesn’t fit you? In this case, you can end up spending a large amount of money to have your clothes altered and ensure they’re the right size.

To avoid the cost and hassle, the best thing to do is to get custom-made clothes. They’re made according to your measurements so, unless you lose or gain weight, you have the assurance that they’ll fit you perfectly.

Myth #2: They’re only for people who can’t fit into off-the-rack clothes.

A professional tailoring service is greatly useful for people who are at either end of the size spectrum and find it hard to shop for the right clothes. However, they’re not the only ones who can benefit from having custom-made garments. Even if you have an  average build, you won’t go wrong with buying a suit or gown that fits you like a glove and highlights your best features.

Myth #3: They’re not comfortable.

There’s a misconception that clothes should be loose to feel comfortable. But this isn’t really true; if you order custom-made clothes, you’ll find that they provide a perfect fit without restricting your movement. This means that you’ll look and feel great the entire time you’re wearing them.

Don’t let these myths stop you from getting the custom suit or gown that you’ve been dreaming of! If you need help with creating your custom-made clothes, simply contact Gregory`s Fine Tailoring and use our dependable tailoring solutions in Boston, MA. You can also take advantage of our sewing alterations services. Give us a call at (617) 482-1111 to schedule your appointment with us!