Men’s Clothing Alterations

Fit is the most crucial element of looking good in your clothes. Without fit, even the richest man in the finest suit comes across more as a rube than a rake. And short of having a suit custom-made specifically for your measurements, you will always have fit issues with any off-the-rack suit purchase. Making that off the rack suit fit you perfectly requires professional men’s clothing alterations.

When you first try on a suit, you’re mainly checking for a fit in the shoulders. Virtually any other jacket alteration is possible and not terribly expensive. However, to get shoulders taken in requires clothing alterations that can cost a lot if you choose to go with the first tailor you find on the street.

Which is why you cannot afford to ignore what Gregory`s Fine Tailoring has to offer. Our alterations service will bring life back io your favorite old attire. If you’re in Boston, MA or one of the surrounding areas, just give us a call or pay Gregory`s Fine Tailoring a visit!

Unless you can afford to purchase new clothes every time you grow out of your old ones, you need to consider investing in the services of a skilled tailor. This is someone who knows what your suit lacks in order to make you stand out and make your best features stand out.

The Three Alterations Every Suit Needs

Virtually every suit of yours will need three basic men’s clothing alterations.

  1. Sleeves Shortened
  2. Pants Tailored
  3. Waist Suppressed

    We know how to provide such services and ensure results that will meet all your requirements, taste, and needs. We love what we do, and we let the results speak for themselves.

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