We Serve Clients Coming From All the Surrounding Towns

Unlike clothes that you buy from the local store, custom made ones will be designed with your body in mind and will perfectly fit you. Gregory`s Fine Tailoring is a reliable leather alterations expert who can help you create customized clothes at prices that are very reasonable. Our core goal is to create clothing that perfectly fits our clients and show their bodies in the most flattering ways.

As experts with many years of experience in creating men’s clothing alterations, we are sure to meet your highest expectations for quality work and excellence. We value precision which is why we are able to make adjustments on the spot and pay great attention to inconsistencies. We can also help you select the right fabrics that will match your needs and suit your specific taste.

If you live in Boston, MA or in any of the surrounding areas that we listed below and need a professional tailoring service, make sure you reach us at (617) 482-1111 in advance to book an appointment for a consultation with our tailor. Remember that the clothes we will design for you are meant to outlast ready-to-buy options at the local store and will never surprise you with defects.

We serve people coming from the following towns:

  • South Boston Boston, MA

  • Dorchester Boston, MA

  • Mattapan Boston, MA

  • West Roxbury Boston, MA

  • Back Bay Boston, MA