The Tailoring Service Every Lady Needs

Gregory`s Fine Tailoring is the place you need to visit whenever you want to have any of your clothing altered or have something custom-made. Our store is located in Boston, MA, and here, we offer a tailoring service of all kinds. Whether you need a simple top made or something more complicated, we would love to be the ones who will make your designs a reality. Below, you can read all about the work we do for the ladies living in the local area, who would like to take advantage of what we offer.

 Whether you are looking for a tailor who can recreate a gorgeous dress you saw in a magazine or want to have a top made for a special event, you should turn to us. We would be happy to create any clothing piece you may imagine. We will take your measures, discuss the colors and materials you like, and the details. Once we have all the information and you have shown is pictures, in case you have any, we will start working on the piece. Our custom tailor will carefully sew the item, making sure all seams are perfect and that it is in the exact size you need.

 Here, at Gregory`s Fine Tailoring, we only use fabrics of high-quality and also give you a huge number of buttons, zippers, and other details that you can get on your clothes. We will show you different options when you come to us and will do everything to make your desired clothing like you imagined it would be, or even better. Since all people working at our store are skilled and experienced, you will get everything you need, done professionally and in a timely manner.

 To learn more about the professional tailoring service we offer to women in Boston, MA, you should either stop by or call us. We can be contacted at (617) 482-1111, and you can find our address on the pages of this website!