Three Tips You Should Consider Before Having Bridal Alterations; Dream Wedding Gown

When it comes to wedding preparations, finding the perfect wedding dress is one of the most challenging parts. If you already found the dress that totally suits you and you realized that it needs a few tweaks, nips, and tucks so that the dress will fit you perfectly. Don’t stress too much because bridal alteration services are your lifesaver in achieving the perfect gown on your big day. 

Below are effective tips that you should know before altering your wedding dress.

Book all your fittings in advance 

Always coordinate with your trusted tailor and book your bridal alterations in advance. Weddings are seasonal, and if you want a smooth sailing wedding preparation, you shouldn’t stress your tailor by giving them a short time span to alter your wedding dress. The fitting should be scheduled at least 8-10 weeks before the main event. For greater results, always be on time and create a good relationship with your seamstress.

Be realistic with your goal weight

If you are trying to lose weight for your wedding day, set a realistic goal weight so that the alteration will be done successfully. Provide an honest body measurement around 6 weeks before your wedding. After all, it is a celebration of your love between you and your partner, and they accept you for who you are. So, confidently walk your way to the aisle and smile as you wear that perfectly-fitting gown loud and proud.

Bring a friend to your alteration appointments

Bringing your closest friends is an advantage because they can guide you with the alterations. They can see you the way you can’t and can give you objective suggestions on how the gown fits on you. Just make sure not to bring too many friends because it will only confuse you and your tailor.

Your wedding day is very important and Gregory’s Fine Tailoring and Clothing will help you achieve the gown of your dreams. We have a team of professional and dedicated tailors in Boston, MA. Get your gown tailored or altered, and call us at (617) 482-1111.

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